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Color Stain

Maria Patiño Studio

Artist's Statement

My work is a continuous exploration and experimentation focusing on human relationships and the interaction between people, nature, and folk art. Driven by an innate curiosity and a persistent desire to deeply understand my materials, I delve into multimedia art.

In my practice, I utilize wet and dry media on paper and canvas, incorporating techniques such as mark-making, cutting, and pasting. This results in a series of illustrations, abstract paintings, collages, and artist books.

I was born in El Cairo Valle, a small town in Colombia.

Currently, I am pursuing an MFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design.



Savannah College of Art and Design

MFA, Illustration candidate [2021 - 2025]


School of Visual Arts, New York, NY                 

BFA, Graphic Design [1999 - 2002]     



Maria Patino Studio © 2014

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