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Art 2 Wear

Hand Painted Denim Jackets

I'm available for commissions to paint on your favorite jean jacket or canvas/leather shoes!
Unique hand-painted jackets done on new and second-hand denim jackets and vests for men and women. Each design is one of a kind, designs are painted on either the back or the front of the jackets or both sides. I only use high-quality fabric paint to prevent the artwork from fading. Some jackets are embroidered on the collar and other areas to enhance the jacket's appearance, beading work, and fabric patches added as embellishment. I use different painting techniques and no jacket design is ever repeated. Prices vary according to details and artwork size. 
You can choose from many designs available to create your own theme of your choice. Design color, size, and shape may change since each piece of artwork is unique.

Contact me directly for more details.


Theme: Urban

Women, Size: S  Color: Light Blue


Maria Patino Studio © 2014

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