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Mixed Media

Artist's Books

I'm interested in the aesthetic of color, texture, and form and its potential to communicate a universal message. I create one-of-a-kind rare handbound-books made from paper, fabrics, found objects, and mixed media. 
Each book depicts poetic narratives, I use unpredictable images, textures, and forms juxtaposed with hand stitching and found objects.
Artists like Joseph Cornell, Betye Saar, Nick Bantock are some of my inspirations for my artist's books. 

My artists' books are collected by private collectors and Universities.


Assemblages from Soft Pocketbooks
In 2013, I was honored to have my artwork published by Cloth, Paper Scissors. “I was there” series of shadow boxes were inspired by human migration, intimacy with nature and changes in time.

Maria Patino Studio © 2014

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